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Student Ministries exists to call students into their primary identity as ones who are deeply loved by God, inviting them to live a Spirit-empowered lifestyle of holiness and wholehearted love for God. We aim to equip and encourage students to live a life of prayer in the power of the Spirit and to walk in lifelong partnership with God and His purposes for the earth.


Worship and prayer

Teens and their families are welcome to join as we pray for a move of the Spirit among the youth at IHOPKC.



Camp and Training Center


Mondays 4-7pm
Thursdays 4-5pm


This spring semester (now through May 18), we are taking a season to engage the Lord with faith in the place of prayer. Instead of our usual Student Prayer Room format, we will be holding two prayer meetings per week, called Cry Out.

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Student-Led Worship and Prayer Teams

The purpose of Student Ministries’ Worship and Prayer Teams is to help equip teens ages 12–18 to be prophetic singers, musicians, and intercessors who will proclaim the gospel with power across the nations of the earth. Worship and Prayer is a hands-on training program that takes place during the spring and fall semesters.

Worship sets are student-led, with Student Ministries’ staff present to coach and train the teams in musicianship and the harp and bowl prayer model. Worship and prayer sets are held throughout the week, either in the afternoon or the evening, during the spring and fall semesters.

Students who are interested in joining a team can attend worship team placements in January and August each year. Please email for more information about placement dates, cost, and general information.

Parents and families are encouraged to join us for the student-led prayer meetings. For a complete schedule, email

Spring semester: January–May
Fall semester: September–December


Our Vision

Our desire is to see teenagers involved and engaged in the work of the kingdom and the prayer movement. To fulfill this call, we have established programs that communicate the biblical values of prayer and the centrality of the Word of God, and friendship groups for the purpose of discipling teens.

Our vision is to develop opportunities for teens to grow in their identity in God and be equipped for intimacy with Jesus, intercession, and impact, and to provide a place for them to grow in their gifts and develop as disciples of Jesus.

We look forward to welcoming new teens and helping them on their journey with the Lord.

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Our Leadership






Office Information
Camp & Training Center (11700 Grandview Road, Grandview, MO 64030)
Phone: (816) 763-0200 x.7121

Office Hours
Mondays, 1–4pm
Wednesdays, 1–4pm

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with a Student Ministries staff member, please email us at



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